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British Car Auctions UK was set up at the end of 1999 as part of the huge GAUK database. Originally this site simply consisted of an e-book download that was sold for under a tenner. The book gave purchasers a starting point from where they could enter the secretive world of Auctions.

It was pretty basic, yet contained everything someone would need to get started. A bit like passing your driving test, you get a licence then the real challenge of learning to drive properly begins.

However, the book proved to be an overwhelming success and every day we were getting requests for more and more information. People wanted something grander than just a starting point.

It was this huge demand that persuaded us to develop the site into something much more comprehensive… and this is it.

We have had many imitators come and go in our time – many even try to undercut us, but none can come close to the quality and quantity of information we provide, the old addage always applies – You get what you pay for!

We now have in place a team of dedicated staff who constantly scour the country for any snippets of information that could lead to a bargain auction.

We now list virtually every auction in the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales).

We have nurtured contacts in government offices all over Britain, especially councils so can guarantee that much of the information really is insider knowledge and not available anywhere else.

We have discovered that not all goods sold go to auctions, some are disposed of by agents… we know who they are and list them.

Some by tender… we know where they are and list them.

We also understand that huge savings can be made at regular auctions… so we list those too!

Each month we list times, dates and contacts, all the information customers would ask us for in those early days.

We are constantly adding to the comprehensive database and are dedicated to the growth of our lists and contacts.

As a developing and forward thinking company we welcome any suggestions you may have as to improvements that can be made and can assure you that any comments will be given full attention.

We have had an extraordinary few years in development and look forward to growing exponentially with you on board as a valued member.

Kind Regards
British Car Auctions/Government Auctions UK

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