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We have been running the Police Auction service for over ten years now and over that time have worked tirelessly to ensure it is as clear, user-friendly and transparent as possible. We enjoy over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND visitors a month to the network, we have built the largest database in the country.

It takes a large team of data input staff, a number of technical guys and a rather large budget to keep the network running. The databases have taken over TEN years to compile and need thousands of hours of maintenance. Our policy is to reinvest up to 30% of revenue into improving the service; indeed the next 12 months of programming are underway so you can look forward to some great improvements.

You simply cannot find the Police Auction information anywhere else and you can enjoy the convenience of having all of it at your fingertips. Take auctioneers – we list nearly 2,000, list some 8,000 auctions a month and hundreds of thousands of items … put this into context: Yellow pages list some 100 auctioneers and NO other information at all!

Here are just a few great comments we’ve received over the years:

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Site Has Great Potential

“I think the site has great potential to save a significant amount of money for individuals,” Best wishes
Michael Owers.


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Support Much Appreciated

“Thank you very much in support room, what a fast response and concise answer to a difficult question” Lyndon


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Second Income

“By the way think the site is great and have been to quite a few auctions. I am making a nice little second income, but certainly not retiring, am going to take a week off work to check out the midweek sales to see if goods are any cheaper at these.” Regards Rory



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What People Are Saying About Police Auctions UK

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Hi, I have only just joined the site and find it very interesting. I’m finding my way round and am pleased with what I have seen so far.

Regards, G.Easton[/testimonial] [/col][col size=”1/4″]


this is the most comprehensive directory of wholesalers and dropshippers I have come across

Best, G Martin[/testimonial][/col][col size=”1/4″]


I would just like to say a big thankyou … It has been very hard trying to find a stable and professional auction directory … Very user friendly and pretty much anything can be found here

Thanks, John C.[/testimonial][/col][col size=”1/4″]


exactly what we wanted! Made a lot of good contacts … delighted … Just what our business needs in these tough times

Excellent!, K. Beard[/testimonial][/col][/cols]

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