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Our powerful Car Auctions search engine enables you to search thousands of motors coming up for auction daily at ‘trade’ prices, across the length and breadth of the UK

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Incredible Car Auction Database … ALL The Information you need. What, Where and When!!

We have thousands of searches a day from clients who are interested in what’s being sold at Car and Vehicle Auctions across the country right now, people just like you…

We’ll help ensure you know exactly what’s being sold at those sales.

Welcome to the Car Auctions UK information website … the UK’s largest selection of cars available at auction

We’ve built a huge vehicle auction resource. The database is massive (several years in compilation), nothing remotely comes close to the quality and quantity of information we provide. That’s why we’ve been at the very top of every major search engine for the last five years…

We’ve Developed The UK’s Largest, Most Comprehensive, Searchable Database Listing ALL Car Auctions

But the site goes much further. If your looking for car auctions then simply use the drop down menu and get instant access to what’s being sold where and when but the database can be searched by keyword also, so if you’re looking for other items to sell, say, plasma tvs then simply type it in. The sales are organised into a searchable calendar and interactive map so you can find when it’s being sold or if you can only attend sales on a weekend then filter all sales on a particular date, or an auction of a defined type, county or town.

There are approximately  1,800 auctioneers listed, over 10,000 auctions a month. To put this in perspective Yellow Pages list less than 100 auctioneers for the whole of the UK and ZERO auctions!

But that’s just the tip of a very large iceberg … read on to see all the features available to members…

We list hundreds of car auctions a month and literally thousands of vehicles

Times, dates, links to catalogues, auctioneer information, facilities, how to get there, including street maps so you’re never lost, viewing times, contact information (e-mail them directly), links to the car auctioneer’s sites…

Vehicle Auction Lot Search

Drill down to find something specific, simply type your requirements into our powerful search facility and the auctions selling that motor will appear as a listing view and also on the map

Auction Event Calendar

If a client want’s to find vehicle auctions on a specific date simply use the calendar to filter all auctions on that day

Latest Car Auction News

The ‘Latest News’ Section is where YOU hear about the ‘Stop Press’ vehicle sales as soon as we do. We then archive each edition creating a huge resource going back several years which you can search using the ‘News Search Engine’. If an auctioneer sold what you are looking for several months ago e.g. Porsche Cayenne S you’ll know about it, and can contact them to see if they plan to sell them again

Email Car Auctioneers

This feature allows you to e-mail all vehicle auctioneers your requirements.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for simply send a polite request to the auctioneers. You may e-mail ALL the vehicle auctioneers in the country at the click of a mouse

Updated Daily

The sophisticated vehicle search engine monitors hundreds of car auction houses across the country and runs daily, ensuring you get up-to-the-minute information.

FEATURED Car, Vehicle and Motorbike Auctions:

We list all auctioneers across the UK dealing in stock from a myriad of sources – literally hundreds of auctions a month

FEATURED Government Vehicle Agencies

We list the government agents appointed to dispose of government vehicle surplus

FEATURED Police Auctioneers

Stolen/recovered stock, to police vehicles. We called police authorities across the UK and list the auctions they use to dispose of seized/recovered vehicles. Simply select the category ‘police’ in the search to display them all

FEATURED Specialist Sales

The gauk Auctions search lists hundreds of categories including commercial vehicles, motorbikes, fleet and lease motors, plant and machinery

Area Search

If you want to locate car auctions in a specific area simply open the interactive map. The Smart Search map places all car auctions available at a given date

Live News

A fantastic brings you up-to-the-minute car auction news. Our unique spider software scours the entire web 24/7 and the millions of news pages therein for any UK Car Auction news. It then feeds you all that information right here in real time.

You will be the first to know about any car auction specific information AS IT HAPPENS!!!

Get Involved in the Business Opportunity

Many members make a full time income buying and selling at car auctions as did some members of staff. There is a whole section in the Members’ Area devoted to sharing the excellent ‘money making tactics’ with you and teaching you how to make a full time income.

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Bid Online Links

If an auctioneer has Online Bidding set up we link directly to it. We list hundreds of online vehicle lots of all descriptions, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to bid

Helpful Hints

Takes you step-by-step through the whole auction process – just what you need to know if you’re new to auctions. You’ll also find plenty of tips and tactics in here – little snippets of inside information that even seasoned auction bidders will find useful

Locate ‘Secret’ Car Auction Events

Get ALL the latest insider ‘heads up’ on vehicle repossessions, police seizures and motor clearance auctions.  

Everything Must Go Often Without Reserve…

Discover car auction venues near you where they dispose of every type of vehicle at often rock-bottom prices.

Now you can search our huge database of car auction catalogues and car auction venues to discover exactly what you want. We detail the times and dates of the auction and venue where goods are being disposed of.

Imagine being able to buy cars that just have to be shifted that day at whatever price can be obtained.

Your rival bidders are often traders who simply can’t pay retail  … as they need to make a profit.

When you win, you could not only drive away that dream motor but also have a nice chunk of change that would ordinarily go to the trader!

And the best thing is that anyone can attend, even YOU!

Car Auctions UK ™ website is run specifically for those looking to get a great deal on a vehicle. It’s the first place people come to when looking for a great deal on cars, vans, motorbikes, plant and machinery and commercials – it’s all being sold right now, somewhere in the country.

We have been running Car Auctions UK™ since 1999 and it has developed dramatically from the original simple directory listings.

At present you probably hear about auction sales by word of mouth, by reading an advert, or by requesting a catalogue from an auctioneer who is about to hold a sale.

What about the sales you don’t hear about?

We developed a powerful, searchable database, which can be accessed by people looking for, either something specific, or an auction in a defined area.

If a client is looking for, let’s say cars they simply go to the ‘Motors’ section our main search facility and those auctions dealing with those items will appear. If a customer wants to find all plant & machinery sales in a specific area they simply enter the county of interest and they are listed.

The exciting innovation introduced by Car Auctions UK is the development of a very powerful search spider, much like that of Google (only a little smaller!)

We monitor auction houses across the entire country 24/7/365 ensuring you get up-to-the-minute information in on a single, well designed website.

This unique system ensures our clients have the most up-to-date, reliable information available.

Many auction houses post a complete catalogue of lots with a description of what’s being sold, and if they have a web presence already then we provide a link from their listing at Car Auctions UK to their site.

  • Car Auctions UK site is extremely easy to navigate and simple to use.
  • Clients keep coming back to us because we offer sound, up-to-date information…
  • Car Auctions UK is fast becoming the definitive bible for all those looking for a sale, the first point of contact, the ‘yellow Pages’ of the vehicle auction world.


Because clients know that the information comes right from the horse’s mouth.

Instead of having to search out the latest sale information by waiting for the advert, or by calling in, or faxing, or by requesting a catalogue, or by searching the net … clients simply visit Car Auctions UK.

Many people think car auctioneers deal purely with traders. This isn’t true!

There are also a large number of reputable auctions across Britain dealing with the public and YOU can go along too if you’re not in the trade.

Vehicles can be sold at a fraction of their real worth. It is often company policy to offload perfectly good vehicles through auctions. Sometimes there organisations simply sell off vehicles for what they can get.

Any revenue is a bonus especially, for example, when the Police sell off seized goods or insurance companies sell stolen/recovered motors. Often, it cost them nothing, therefore they are happy with any bid.

Buying at auctions represents an excellent opportunity to make money

By buying heavily discounted vehicles at ‘trade price’ you have enough of a profit margin to sell it on at below retail price and still make good money.

A classic win, win situation!

You may not necessarily be interested in selling the stock on but wish to buy up a bargain for your own use.

Vehicle auctions represent a fantastic opportunity to save hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds. Most car auctions are held on behalf of clients who tend to sell excellent vehicles such as leasing companies. But organisations such as , customs and excise, local government authorities, bailiffs, transport lost and found departments also dispose of stock at auction.

The list is vast but the long and short of it all is … who cares where the goods have come from (so long as it’s legit), you want bargains, right???

Vehicle auction houses are found across the length and breadth of Britain and can be located by using our powerful search facility where you have access to a comprehensive list of real time names, addresses, contacts, dates, numbers…

We have listed probably every vehicle auction house in the country and will be adding to that list relentlessly

It is a well-distributed myth that the public are not allowed to enter car auctions, a myth spread by those who would wish to keep the bargains to themselves – you can hardly blame them can you?

Well here’s good news… You are just as welcome as anyone. These auctions are not the sole realm of registered traders or lucky punters with insider knowledge.

From now on YOU will have the ‘inside’ knowledge too!

With our UNIQUE auction search engine YOU
will have the insider knowledge too!

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